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Dr. Clark Neely, Small
Mr. Jonathan Ramirez, Extension Assistant, Vernon, (940) 552 9941,
Dr. Emi Kimura, Extension Agronomist, Vernon, (940) 552 9941,
Rolling Plains Pick’s list for 2017-2018 growing seasonGrains and Oilseed Extension Specialist, (979) 862 1412, Dr. Jackie Rudd, Regents Fellow Professor, Amarillo, (806) 677 5600, Jason Baker, Senior Research Associate, Amarillo, (806)677 5600,


The AgriLife Extension Wheat Pick’s list was selected based on the Rolling Plains Uniform Variety Trial (UVT) coordinated by the AgriLife Research and Extension personnel. Our ongoing Picks criteria include a minimum of three years of data in Texas A&M AgriLife Rolling Plains wheat variety trials across multiple annual locations. A “Pick” variety means this: given the data, these are the varieties we would choose to include and emphasize on our farm for wheat grain production. Picks are not necessarily the numerical top yielders as important disease resistance traits (leaf or stripe rust, wheat streak mosaic virus), insect tolerance (greenbugs, Russian wheat aphid), or standability can also be important varietal traits that enable a producer to better manage potential risk. We look for consistency of yields, e.g. the regularity with which an individual variety is in the top 25% of yield at each location.