• Mike Campbell

The Little Rock Church in the Country

I love to tell people when they ask where I live that I live so far out in the country, that any direction you go is back towards town. It's taken Tricia and I almost 40 years to get back to where I started. When you are young, you can't wait to get away. Move to the big city. But as you get older, at least for me, moving home became the goal. Three years ago we accomplished that.

What's it like living in the country? Honestly, it's just like living in town. It's only further to your neighbor's house. We have all the modern conveniences. Even, good bandwidth for our internet connected devices. Not necessarily cheap internet, but I think that's about to get better.

Moving home has made me nostalgic for the old days. A large part of my "old days" was going to church at the Rock Church located at the end of the pavement just south of Buffalo Springs. The land for the church was donated by my grandparents back in 1936. It was a community effort that served the needs of our community. Recently, Gary Hankins dropped by the house with his drone. He flew over our house and pastures, but I wanted to show him the Rock Church. The video he captured was outstanding. While I was watching him fly the drone, I noticed that the evening sun was hitting the church just right, so I was able to take a beautiful photo of the old sanctuary where much of my early Christian training had occurred.

Today, I felt inspired to take Gary's video, put some music to it and share it with you. I hope you enjoy, Merry Christmas!

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